Cross Post: An Example of How to Improve the Westpac iPhone App

6 January, 2009

My fresh Mobile UXP blog post: “An Example of How to Improve the Westpac iPhone App

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1st post from WordPress App on iPhone

22 July, 2008

So this is mobile blogging done properly from an iPhone native application!


10 May, 2008

“Technologies are amplifiers; they take some innate human capability and reinforce it, far beyond human limits, until it seems almost an entirely new thing. However alien they might seem to us, technologies are simply the funhouse mirror reflection of ourselves.”

You must read the rest

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Getting UI right

18 March, 2008

“This is how you get design right. You have to really invest in it. Investing in it isn’t about money, it’s about time. Your designers need time to think about solving the problem, and they need to tinker with lots of ideas that get towards solving the problem. They need to invest time in coming up with ten good designs. This means that you have to be okay with throwing out good designs. You’re throwing out good designs because good isn’t good enough — you’re looking for greatness. Greatness rarely springs fully-formed from your forehead (no matter how much you might wish it would). Greatness comes from a lot of work, and a commitment to the work that is necessary to achieve that greatness.”

(Nadyne, UXR at Microsoft’s Mac BU)

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The voice of reality from a fake CEO…

2 August, 2007

“Someday, I hope not too long from now, we are going to look back on this era of wireless telecom in horror, not believing we ever had to put up with such bullshit.”
The marvelous FSJ telling it like it is!

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Ambient Intimacy

5 June, 2007

Lisa Reichelt:
“Ambient intimacy is about being able to keep in touch with people with a level of regularity and intimacy that you wouldn’t usually have access to, because time and space conspire to make it impossible.”
read on!

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Tom on GPS indicator

21 May, 2007

Tom Hume writes about the customer interest in GPS and a way of representing it in the mobile user interface and goes on to say:
“Personally, I think this battery-style metaphor should also be used for other things too, like data usage. I want to see my “data allowance” for the month gradually run down as I use it; if I could see this I’d get a feel for how much I was spending, how fast I was burning through it, and what my most expensive interactions are – in much the same way that watching my battery indicator fall over time tells me that constant 3G or bluetooth usage is a power-drain without my having to understand anything about stored current, battery technology, or Bluetooth power consumption.”

I like it!

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