12 March, 2008

“Telephonically, I’m in 1985, and it feels just fine.”

Tim Bray has a great little piece on the good ol’ stuff that just works…

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Sandberg leaves for Facebook. Let’s all recite Eric Schmidt’s Serenity Prayer.

6 March, 2008

Sandberg leaves for Facebook. Let’s all recite Eric Schmidt’s Serenity Prayer.:
“In other words, Sandberg’s value to Facebook arises not from her job skills but from her reputation as an investor. Sure, she’s not investing money; she’s investing her time and her name. But she’s investing nonetheless. She’s betting that this thing is going to pay off in a big way. And she will draw other investors behind her. It’s like when Warren Buffett invests in something. Everyone else jumps in too because they figure the Sage of Omaha knows something they don’t.

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FSJ on Yahoo! & Microsoft merger

4 February, 2008

As usual, FSJ provides some of the best commentary on the web all with a humorous twist:
“Imagine a circus act in which two enormous, clumsy, awkward elephants that don’t really like each other are supposed to mate while riding on skateboards. ”

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The voice of reality from a fake CEO…

2 August, 2007

“Someday, I hope not too long from now, we are going to look back on this era of wireless telecom in horror, not believing we ever had to put up with such bullshit.”
The marvelous FSJ telling it like it is!

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Clearly I’m not a Graphic Designer…

13 June, 2007

“You have to be beautiful, to create something beautiful.”

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MEX 2007 Quote: The role of the usability specialist

5 May, 2007

Scott Weiss (Usable Products) had a great comment about the tough life of being a Usability Specialist.
We get “paid to tell you that your baby is ugly”.

true.. true…

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By embracing the diversity of human beings, we will find true happiness

19 April, 2007

Malcolm Gladwell talks Spaghetti Sauce at TED
(via Tom Hume)

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