Got a Killer Mobile Marketing Campaign?

22 June, 2007

The Mobile Marketing & Advertising Awards are on again
Entries are open until Friday 27th July

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Photos from the AIMIA Awards

5 March, 2007

The 13th AIMIA Awards on Friday night were brilliant as usual.
Congrats to the winners and finalists and to the AIMIA and SPIN team for putting on a great event.

Photos here

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13th AIMIA Awards

23 January, 2007

Well, the 13th AIMIA Award finalists were just announced.

For the Mobile stuff there were two categories this year and these were the respective finalists (I was a judge for both):
Best Interactive Service on a Wireless Network
3 mobile – Planet 3 News
3 mobile – Planet 3 Sport
YourRestaurants Mobile
Kink Kommunity Global

Best Marketing Campaign on a Wireless Network
Johnson & Johnson – Clean & Clear Kiosk
RPM Live Mobile Mag
Seven Tennis Adver-Gaming Promotion

Congrats to the finalists! Looking forward to the big Awards night on Friday March 2nd.

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List o’ Mobile Links

29 December, 2006

Well after going through all my open tabs there’s some interesting mobile stuff:

1. Social Communities Go Mobile: ABI Research Forecasts 174 Million Members by 2011
2. Deconstructing the Mobile Web
3. Local applications with web content: Gmail App
4. Is Google Flubbing Mobile Search?
5. The Helio Drift mobile phone
6. LBS for the Massess: Connecting the Dots (about Boost Loopt)
7. SAMSUNG Launches the World’s First “Optical Joystick” Phone
8. T-Mobile Launches Wiki Site for Sidekick Users
9. A petition to bring back buttons on phones?
10. The Black Box Communication User Interface
11. Wireless: Can mobile phones give you ‘presence?’
12. Mobile Society
13. Design pattern of the week: Game Design
14. The Nokia N95 mobile Ad
15. Winksite
16. A Call to Action – The MEX Conference Manifesto
17. The Greenphone – Great idea!! Review here & Screenshots here
18. The Vulture’s Mobile Awards 2006 – brilliant 🙂 I agree with most
19. Zi Corporation Launches Qix with T-Mobile in the UK – I’ve been a fan of Qix for ages…
20. BitTorrent client for Symbian
21. The Prada Phone – I saw this as a prototype LG-KE850 back in September in Helsinki, Finland – More photos of the UI – If it was useable stable and synced with the Mac I’d buy one.
22. The Futurist: MacWorld’s-A-Comin’ or… The Perfect Musicphone – I concur…
24. Understanding Mobile 2.0

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Ericsson Frontier Winners

12 October, 2006

Today was the judging of ‘Frontier’, the Ericsson content and applications competition for Australia & New Zealand.
Those of us on the judging panel had a demo and a Q&A session from each of the six finalists (three for Aust and three for NZ). This is the fourth Ericsson Frontier competition I have been a judge for, and it was the best format they’ve had. I think it’s essential to be able to ask the finalists further questions about their applications, approaches, technologies and business models.

The results were:
Winner: bCode Reader (bCode) – mobile ticketing/tokens
Finalist: Tribz (HWW) – MoSoSo, great little application with a lot of potential
Finalist: The gofreeSMS Community Network (MobiMarketing) – Free SMS portal with an advertising model and some nice flash dev

New Zealand
Winner: Eyemagnet Blackeye (Eyemagnet) – Instore video display CMS and scheduling
Finalist: Mobile Terranet (M-Com) – Property price/info lookup from mobile
Finalist: Radiotones – Conduit between radio station and mp3 library to sell the current song playing on radio

Congrats to all the finalists and especially the winners.

Two photos: The view from JBWere where the Awards were hosted and the final presentation
Sydney Harbour Bridge From JBWere Frontier 2006

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Mobile Marketing & Advertising Awards Night

6 October, 2006

Last night was the MMA Awards Ceremony at Doltone House in Sydney. As a judge, I was asked to talk about a couple of the categories and their winners to provide additional insight into why the winner won. It was truly an honour to be a judge and great fun as well.

The winners were:
Best use of mobile in CRM
RPM Live Mobile Mag
Hyro TigerSpike, Cross Carrier for: Channel Ten

Best use of emerging mobile technology
Optus Zoo Music Dual Delivery
Soundbuzz & Optus for: Optus Zoo

Best promotional or marketing campaign
Zodiac “Clean Up & Win”
Legion Interactive & Zodiac Group Australia for: Zodiac Group Australia / Zodiac Pool Cleaners
Best use of mobile with interactive media
Enjoy Our Rates Responsibly
HOST, The Glue Society, Mitchell Media, NetX, Dynamix and Jason Donovanfor: Virgin Mobile Australia

Most effective business application
Dialect Interactive for: Endemol Southern Star

Best application of mobile payment
Field Day Music Festival Mobile Ticketing
AURA Interactive, Vodafone Australia, Dialect Interactive for: Fuzzy Entertainment

Most creative mobile solution
SMS Ya Back
IDS Information Dialling Services for: ARN – The Edge 96.ONE

Best consumer content offering
M2006: Commonwealth Games WAP Site
Hyro together with AAP, Sportal, Chief Entertainment, Telstra for: Telstra BigPond Mobile

The ‘One to Watch’ award – rewarding great potential (2 winners)
1. Mikey’s MP3 Club 5th Finger, Chic Media & Central Station Recordsfor: Wild TV
2. mHITs – person to person payments by sms mHITs Pty Ltd

Best of Show
Zodiac “Clean Up & Win”
Legion Interactive & Zodiac Group Australia for: Zodiac Group Australia / Zodiac Pool Cleaners

Mobile Marketer of the Year
Adam Dunne (Sales & Marketing Director, AURA Interactive)
Afterwards there were drinks and then an after-party at Hemmespheres that was enjoyed by all.

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MMA Judging Today

9 September, 2006

It was the final round of judging today for the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Awards 2006.
There were some great entries into the competition and therefore some great discourse at the judging table.

The winners will be announced at the MMA Awards nights on the 5th of October.
Below is the B&T article with my comments as judge, talking about the Mobile Marketing industry here in Australia.

Olibandt Mma0001

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