Cross Post: The ABC interviewed me about being a Usability Specialist

29 October, 2008

About a year ago the ABC interviewed me about being a Usability Specialist. They came and videoed me up at the usability lab I use, my home office and even speaking at a conference. It was all quite fun.

Anyway, today I accidently found a photo of myself on the ABC Science website with a link to the interview with me. You can read about my job and watch the video interview here

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10 May, 2008

“Technologies are amplifiers; they take some innate human capability and reinforce it, far beyond human limits, until it seems almost an entirely new thing. However alien they might seem to us, technologies are simply the funhouse mirror reflection of ourselves.”

You must read the rest

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Notes on the Apple iPhone SDK

13 March, 2008

Apple announced 100,000 downloads of the iPhone SDK in the first four days.

InfoWorld says:
“…from the work I’m doing with the publicly available preview tools and documentation, I can attest that iPhone will be the simplest, best-documented, and most enjoyable experience for mobile application developers. I have coded fairly extensively with Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry. iPhone just blows them away, making me wonder who decided that mobile development had to be difficult. I’ll take that a step further: If you’re new to programming, iPhone or iPod Touch is a splendid place to start”

It also appears that Apple are including data persistence to web apps on the iPhone (i.e. Google Gears). Very interesting!

The Register says:
“Apple has demonstrated it understands end-to-end platform management. Hardware, software, accessories, instruction, distribution and, of course, monetization – lock, stock and two smoking barrels.”

And this from AppleInsider on the response to the iFund being run by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers:
“According to Matt Murphy, a partner at the firm, his colleagues had a running bet over how many business plans they’d receive from prospective iPhone developers in the first 30-days following the announcement of their fund. While Murphy declined to reveal that number, he said it was easily surpassed within 36 hours.”

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Nokia announces widgets

19 April, 2007

El Reg writes about Nokia and their widgets, highlighting the issues Nokia has been experiencing lately:
“For some years now, phones have really been computers in disguise, but Nokia has always stressed their utility as appliances. Today it proudly boasts: “This is what computers have become”, and insists its sales staff call the phones “Multimedia Computers”.
But computers are everything mobiles are not and shouldn’t be: cumbersome to carry with you, complicated and unreliable. It’s like Mercedes branding themselves as “The Lada you always wanted.”


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Great article on the role of the mobile phone in Mass Media

17 March, 2007

Mobile the 7th Mass Media is to internet like TV is to radio

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Apple prototype their stores too

12 March, 2007

Great article on Apple’s approach and success in the retail space (Best in America at US$4,032 sales per square foot). But the interesting part to me was the fact that they prototyped their stores in a warehouse to identify any potential issues:

“One of the best pieces of advice Mickey [Drexler] ever gave us was to go rent a warehouse and build a prototype of a store, and not, you know, just design it, go build 20 of them, then discover it didn’t work,” says Jobs. In other words, design it as you would a product. Apple Store Version 0.0 took shape in a warehouse near the Apple campus. “Ron and I had a store all designed,” says Jobs, when they were stopped by an insight: The computer was evolving from a simple productivity tool to a “hub” for video, photography, music, information, and so forth. The sale, then, was less about the machine than what you could do with it. But looking at their store, they winced. The hardware was laid out by product category – in other words, by how the company was organized internally, not by how a customer might actually want to buy things. “We were like, ‘Oh, God, we’re screwed!'” says Jobs.
But they weren’t screwed; they were in a mockup. “So we redesigned it,” he says. “And it cost us, I don’t know, six, nine months. But it was the right decision by a million miles.” When the first store finally opened, in Tysons Corner, Va., only a quarter of it was about product. The rest was arranged around interests: along the right wall, photos, videos, kids; on the left, problems. A third area – the Genius Bar in the back – was Johnson’s brainstorm. ”
(via Kotke)

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List o’ Mobile Links

29 December, 2006

Well after going through all my open tabs there’s some interesting mobile stuff:

1. Social Communities Go Mobile: ABI Research Forecasts 174 Million Members by 2011
2. Deconstructing the Mobile Web
3. Local applications with web content: Gmail App
4. Is Google Flubbing Mobile Search?
5. The Helio Drift mobile phone
6. LBS for the Massess: Connecting the Dots (about Boost Loopt)
7. SAMSUNG Launches the World’s First “Optical Joystick” Phone
8. T-Mobile Launches Wiki Site for Sidekick Users
9. A petition to bring back buttons on phones?
10. The Black Box Communication User Interface
11. Wireless: Can mobile phones give you ‘presence?’
12. Mobile Society
13. Design pattern of the week: Game Design
14. The Nokia N95 mobile Ad
15. Winksite
16. A Call to Action – The MEX Conference Manifesto
17. The Greenphone – Great idea!! Review here & Screenshots here
18. The Vulture’s Mobile Awards 2006 – brilliant 🙂 I agree with most
19. Zi Corporation Launches Qix with T-Mobile in the UK – I’ve been a fan of Qix for ages…
20. BitTorrent client for Symbian
21. The Prada Phone – I saw this as a prototype LG-KE850 back in September in Helsinki, Finland – More photos of the UI – If it was useable stable and synced with the Mac I’d buy one.
22. The Futurist: MacWorld’s-A-Comin’ or… The Perfect Musicphone – I concur…
24. Understanding Mobile 2.0

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