Cross Post: The ABC interviewed me about being a Usability Specialist

29 October, 2008

About a year ago the ABC interviewed me about being a Usability Specialist. They came and videoed me up at the usability lab I use, my home office and even speaking at a conference. It was all quite fun.

Anyway, today I accidently found a photo of myself on the ABC Science website with a link to the interview with me. You can read about my job and watch the video interview here

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Videos and audio recordings from Webstock conference are online

21 March, 2008

Check ’em out

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The ‘Web Directions South: User Experience’ website is up

17 March, 2008

Web Directions South: User Experience is “a full day two track conference, plus an optional extra day of workshops, focussing on concepts, technologies and techniques for building great user experiences on the web.

Whatever your role – designer, developer, IA, product and project manager all the way to CIO and CTO – this will be an exciting day of informative, stimulating content to send you home even better enabled to build the web.”

There is a great speaker list:
* Andy Budd (Clearleft) – Interaction design and usability
* Robert Hoekman Jr (Miskeeto) – User experience evangelist
* Lisa Herrod – User testing
* Emily Boyd (Remember the Milk) – Ajax techniques for great user experiences
* Cameron Adams – Frontiers of Javascript (workshop)
* Donna Maurer – Getting content right
* Jackie Moyes (News Digital Media) – Turning research into products
* Steve Baty – Analysing research data
* Mathew Patterson (Campaign Monitor) – Designing for email

I will be speaking on the Mobile Web User Experience
“Historically the mobile web has been a terrible experience, but things are starting to change. Really! We are now at the point that the mobile web is becoming easier to access, both on-deck & off-deck, there’s useful & tailored services out there, and killing some time on the train home doesn’t cost more than your weekly train ticket. We’ll check out the latest and greatest in the world of mobile web and what makes them different from the others. We will also cover the important things to keep in mind for making a better mobile web customer experience.”

Early bird pricing is available until April 11!

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Couple of apps to look at:

15 March, 2008

“Plan, organize, and relive your travel adventures with Knapsack”
Knapsack looks great, but it would be better with integration with iCal, iPhoto/Flickr, and Google MyMaps.

Dropbox looks like a very handy/cool way to share files.

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Sandberg leaves for Facebook. Let’s all recite Eric Schmidt’s Serenity Prayer.

6 March, 2008

Sandberg leaves for Facebook. Let’s all recite Eric Schmidt’s Serenity Prayer.:
“In other words, Sandberg’s value to Facebook arises not from her job skills but from her reputation as an investor. Sure, she’s not investing money; she’s investing her time and her name. But she’s investing nonetheless. She’s betting that this thing is going to pay off in a big way. And she will draw other investors behind her. It’s like when Warren Buffett invests in something. Everyone else jumps in too because they figure the Sage of Omaha knows something they don’t.

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Wow – Big leap in telephony management with Ribbit

4 March, 2008

Management of telephony, and the growing number of services (gTalk, Skype, etc) that interact with regular telephones is currently pretty overwhelming. Ribbit looks to address this and includes a nice way of integrating other social information about your contacts.

Be sure to watch the video tour!

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FSJ on Yahoo! & Microsoft merger

4 February, 2008

As usual, FSJ provides some of the best commentary on the web all with a humorous twist:
“Imagine a circus act in which two enormous, clumsy, awkward elephants that don’t really like each other are supposed to mate while riding on skateboards. ”

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