Cross Post: The ABC interviewed me about being a Usability Specialist

29 October, 2008

About a year ago the ABC interviewed me about being a Usability Specialist. They came and videoed me up at the usability lab I use, my home office and even speaking at a conference. It was all quite fun.

Anyway, today I accidently found a photo of myself on the ABC Science website with a link to the interview with me. You can read about my job and watch the video interview here

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iPhone 10×10

30 July, 2008

I want to video interview 10 people with 10 questions about their new iPhone (Australians) and then put it up online somewhere.

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Mobile people who don’t understand mobile

2 June, 2008

“But if you claim to be [a mobile] professional and haven’t at least read about the iPhone a year after its release you should be shot.”
Stilgherrian on Mobile Content World and the fact that the audience I gave my iPhone User Experience talk too, weren’t familiar with the iPhone.

I obviously agree with him and thus why I proposed the talk.
I see it as an opportunity 🙂

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Tweets from Mobile Content World

30 May, 2008

Check out a couple of the tweets from Mobile Content World yesterday.
I spoke on the iPhone user experience and it was scary to realise how many people in the audience (at a mobile conference) hadn’t seen the iPhone or the full benefits.

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Voda will sell the iPhone in Oz

6 May, 2008

Looks like Voda will be selling the iPhone here in Oz (Official statement via Engadget)
No word on if it’s exclusive or not… Voda will sell it in 10 markets, including Oz.
I predicted Optus, let’s see if it’s also with them.

I don’t mind Voda, I’m just happy it’s not a Telstra exclusive 🙂

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WDS Mobile Workshop

26 September, 2007

“The iPhone is the first mobile device worthy of being labelled ‘Mobile 2.0′”
Brian Fling (Blue Flavour)

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Pervasive Conference 2008

3 August, 2007

Sydney is hosting the 2008 Pervasive conference (19-22 May 2008).

“Pervasive 2008, the Sixth International Conference on Pervasive Computing, will be held May 19-22, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.
This annual conference is the premier forum for researchers to present their latest results in all areas related to the design, implementation, application and evaluation of pervasive computing.”
“We welcome submissions that report on innovations in mobile and
pervasive computing, including but not limited to the following topics:

– New technologies and devices for pervasive computing
– New applications of pervasive computing technologies
– New interfaces and modes of interactions between people
and pervasive computing devices, applications or environments
– New models, tools, infrastructures, architectures and techniques for
designing, implementing & deploying pervasive computing applications
– Evaluations and evaluation methods, for assessing the impact of
pervasive computing devices, applications or environments
– Privacy, security, trust & social issues and implications of
pervasive computing”

Should be great 🙂

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