List o’ Mobile Links

Well after going through all my open tabs there’s some interesting mobile stuff:

1. Social Communities Go Mobile: ABI Research Forecasts 174 Million Members by 2011
2. Deconstructing the Mobile Web
3. Local applications with web content: Gmail App
4. Is Google Flubbing Mobile Search?
5. The Helio Drift mobile phone
6. LBS for the Massess: Connecting the Dots (about Boost Loopt)
7. SAMSUNG Launches the World’s First “Optical Joystick” Phone
8. T-Mobile Launches Wiki Site for Sidekick Users
9. A petition to bring back buttons on phones?
10. The Black Box Communication User Interface
11. Wireless: Can mobile phones give you ‘presence?’
12. Mobile Society
13. Design pattern of the week: Game Design
14. The Nokia N95 mobile Ad
15. Winksite
16. A Call to Action – The MEX Conference Manifesto
17. The Greenphone – Great idea!! Review here & Screenshots here
18. The Vulture’s Mobile Awards 2006 – brilliant 🙂 I agree with most
19. Zi Corporation Launches Qix with T-Mobile in the UK – I’ve been a fan of Qix for ages…
20. BitTorrent client for Symbian
21. The Prada Phone – I saw this as a prototype LG-KE850 back in September in Helsinki, Finland – More photos of the UI – If it was useable stable and synced with the Mac I’d buy one.
22. The Futurist: MacWorld’s-A-Comin’ or… The Perfect Musicphone – I concur…
24. Understanding Mobile 2.0

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