Notes on the Apple iPhone SDK

Apple announced 100,000 downloads of the iPhone SDK in the first four days.

InfoWorld says:
“…from the work I’m doing with the publicly available preview tools and documentation, I can attest that iPhone will be the simplest, best-documented, and most enjoyable experience for mobile application developers. I have coded fairly extensively with Symbian, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry. iPhone just blows them away, making me wonder who decided that mobile development had to be difficult. I’ll take that a step further: If you’re new to programming, iPhone or iPod Touch is a splendid place to start”

It also appears that Apple are including data persistence to web apps on the iPhone (i.e. Google Gears). Very interesting!

The Register says:
“Apple has demonstrated it understands end-to-end platform management. Hardware, software, accessories, instruction, distribution and, of course, monetization – lock, stock and two smoking barrels.”

And this from AppleInsider on the response to the iFund being run by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers:
“According to Matt Murphy, a partner at the firm, his colleagues had a running bet over how many business plans they’d receive from prospective iPhone developers in the first 30-days following the announcement of their fund. While Murphy declined to reveal that number, he said it was easily surpassed within 36 hours.”

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