One of my Pet Peeves

4 June, 2008

One of my pet peeves is technology conferences that have poor, or no, WiFi and no powerpoints for recharging laptops (and phones). It makes blogging, twittering and note-taking a more arduous and sometimes costly (data) process. It was great to see that a week before the conference starts, Apple have communicated that at WWDC, not only will there will be WiFi networks, but they’ve also informed us of their IDs and purposes for quicker better connections, as well as several hundred Ethernet connections. They have even informed us of where to find the battery charging stations.

So you’ll be sure to get a stream of information from me throughout the conference, until I get tired…

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Rethinking applications for mobile is also likely to result in better desktop apps

3 June, 2008

At Web Directions South User Experience, an audience member asked if I thought that people will use mobile apps on their desktop because they are distilled versions of their standard desktop counterparts.
I think:
1. The contextual aspect of SOME mobile services, will mean they won’t be as useful, or not useful at all, on the desktop.
2. There will be mobile applications that work well as ‘widgets’ on desktops and that people will use for a quick interactions or fast access to content.

However, I also believe developers/designers will benefit from re-thinking the interface to simplify it for mobile. Here’s a quote from Cultured Code, the developer of the Mac GTD application; Things:
“While developing Things touch [for iPhone] does draw significant amounts of resources from the desktop version, it is in fact rather beneficial for it too. Recreating Things for the iPhone made simplicity even more predominant. We learned a couple of things from the process that will help us to make the desktop version even better. The same goes for the data model code. Having had the opportunity to incorporate all the lessons we’ve learned from the desktop version resulted in a fresh new code base that will find its way back into Things, providing an even better foundation for its future development.”

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Mobile people who don’t understand mobile

2 June, 2008

“But if you claim to be [a mobile] professional and haven’t at least read about the iPhone a year after its release you should be shot.”
Stilgherrian on Mobile Content World and the fact that the audience I gave my iPhone User Experience talk too, weren’t familiar with the iPhone.

I obviously agree with him and thus why I proposed the talk.
I see it as an opportunity 🙂

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Tweets from Mobile Content World

30 May, 2008

Check out a couple of the tweets from Mobile Content World yesterday.
I spoke on the iPhone user experience and it was scary to realise how many people in the audience (at a mobile conference) hadn’t seen the iPhone or the full benefits.

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14 May, 2008

“The five-day WWDC event, which runs from June 9 to June 13, will feature the first ever iPhone track for mobile developers with in-depth sessions and hands-on labs to fully explore the capabilities of the OS X iPhone 2.0 software, including the iPhone SDK and the App Store, a breakthrough way for developers to wirelessly deliver their applications to iPhone and iPod touch users.”

I’ll be there!

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10 May, 2008

“Technologies are amplifiers; they take some innate human capability and reinforce it, far beyond human limits, until it seems almost an entirely new thing. However alien they might seem to us, technologies are simply the funhouse mirror reflection of ourselves.”

You must read the rest

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Making good design better

10 May, 2008

Hw do you improve on the Post-it note?

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