Qantas iPhone Web App

Looks like one of the iPhone sites I’ve worked on is live.
Visit: on your iPhone.
It’s still needs some refinements and it’s basic functionality to start, but it’s magnitudes better than the Jetstar one 🙂

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4 Responses to Qantas iPhone Web App

  1. adam says:

    Nice work, except it doesn’t actually work. Search for “Departures” in any city and it will show you all the flights that land in that city. How could a serious bug like that not get picked up? It makes the entire tool useless.

  2. adam says:

    Also, it’s not

  3. thegungle says:

    Hey Oliver – can i hit this from an iPod touch? i’m getting a 404 at the moment. Maybe it needs to be recognised as a phone?

    cheers, Ben Green

  4. oliverw says:

    Yes, for some reason Qantas are not redirecting from only .com There also appear to be a number of bugs, which are noted and being ironed out. I’m not involved in the development side of things, only the functional design. They are aware of these issues and hopefully will be resolving it soon. Apologies all and thanks for the feedback!

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