Couple of apps to look at:

“Plan, organize, and relive your travel adventures with Knapsack”
Knapsack looks great, but it would be better with integration with iCal, iPhoto/Flickr, and Google MyMaps.

Dropbox looks like a very handy/cool way to share files.

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3 Responses to Couple of apps to look at:

  1. bigyahu says:

    dropbox works well for me. knapsack is incredibly unaware of teh interwebs! how, in this day, age and IP range, can anyone expect to sell an app that doesn’t publish your travel plans and let others contribute to them from a browser? Try – it has everything i could see in knapsack minus the cost. it has the iCal and maps support you were looking for too.

  2. oliverw says:

    Thanks Alan, I’ll check out! We’re planning for a trip to Europe mid-year.

  3. oliverw says:

    Stacey @ Om Malik on Broadband does a comparison of FolderShare vs DropBox:

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