Wow – Big leap in telephony management with Ribbit

Management of telephony, and the growing number of services (gTalk, Skype, etc) that interact with regular telephones is currently pretty overwhelming. Ribbit looks to address this and includes a nice way of integrating other social information about your contacts.

Be sure to watch the video tour!

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One Response to Wow – Big leap in telephony management with Ribbit

  1. bigyahu says:

    Yeah, there’s some good stuff there, though I’m still laughing at the idea that regular businesspeople might identify with a long-haired guy in a suit, sitting in a yoga trance with a laptop on his lap, thinking, of all things, “I wish my phone spoke OpenSocial…

    …I’m sorry, that’s hilarious. What people really think is, “I wish I just had the one portable handset that had all my stuff on it, all my calls and contacts and… stuff.” Real consumers don’t think in terms of technologies, they think in terms of needs, or more typically, of frustrations and fears.

    I thought the softphone in Ribit’s demos might be really handy if it can be mapped to a function key that’ll surface it no matter how many browser windows and tabs i have open. Otherwise, i’d rather just have the big plastic thing on my desk ring until I pick it up.

    I loved the integrated transcribing of voice calls it promises, What a way to do interviews!

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