I [heart] OmniFocus α

Yesterday I got my invite to check out the alpha version of the new OmniGroup application, OmniFocus (for MacOSX). I am a huge OmniGroup fan and their applications are some of my most used work tools (OmniOutliner, OmniGraffle and starting to use OmniPlan). They make great looking, useful, usable software.

OmniFocus is a personal productivity/task management application to support the Getting Things Done philosophy. It allows me to articulate all the steps I have to do both for work and other and log them in a centralised place that creates rich relationships and allows me to view the tasks according to date and context etc.

As mentioned it’s in alpha and apparently about 2,500 people are checking it out. It did crash on me once and lost all the data, but it also has a back-up function which I am using now :-). Obviously you shouldn’t be using alpha software for work critical stuff, but once this software is finalised I will strongly recommend it.

It apparently synchronises with Apple’s iCal, though I’m a little wary of letting muck around with my iCal (read: lifeline) while it’s in alpha. I’m really hoping there is a tight integration between the two.

Things I would like to see in future versions:
1. Integration with Apple AddressBook so that there is a relationship between people you need to do tasks with and their contact details and vice versa, so I can look at a contact and see what tasks are associated with them. (Palm Desktop used to do this brilliantly)
2. Integration with OmniPlan as there is obviously a lot of overlap between project management and task management.
3. I think it would be awesome if there is an online version of this for the iPhone

There are two screencasts (Intro & parallel projects) showcasing the software that I recommend taking a look at, if you want to know more.

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