I’m now a published journal co-author!

Today I received the hard copy of my first published journal article:
“Case Study: Conducting a web-based survey of mobile content usage by Australian mobile phone customers”
It’s in the June edition of the International Journal of Mobile Marketing

There’s always something nice about seeing one’s name in print. Thanks go to my marvelous co-author Dr Marisa Maio Mackay for her analysis, writing and reviews. We’re now warming up for the 4th edition of the Australian Mobile Phone Lifestyle Index (which the article is about).

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One Response to I’m now a published journal co-author!

  1. force10x says:

    Thanks for this article.

    I am researching for content on Mobile/Wireless marketing as part of my eMarketing course at uni.

    is there any resource where I can get some information on:
    current/future mobile marketing trends
    Mobile phone usage statistics
    Mobile phone buying trends and statistics
    Mobile marketing innovations and trends
    Industries where Mobile marketing canbe applied
    Revenue model
    Industry spend on Mobile Marketing campaings

    thank you for your time and help

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