My Maps + my friends

1. Apple AddressBook has a plug-in for Google Maps – I right click on the person’s address and it pops open Google Maps and shows me their name and address details on the map.
2. Google My Maps allows me to create a private map with my own pointers on it and save it for later reference.

1+ 2 = I want the functionality combined, so that I can have a private My Map set-up that has all my friends shown on it all around the world. In a perfect world it would be kept in sync, so if change someone’s address in my AddressBook the map would also update. I would also want to be able to differentiate contacts (based on my AddressBook groups? e.g. friends vs. clients vs. service providers) and an individual’s details (work and home would have different colour map markers). Of course these would also show up (and be searchable) in my Google Maps on Mobile client as well.

My bigger current issue with Google Maps on Mobile is that I can’t find an address on the Google Maps website and then log-in on the Google Maps mobile client and have it set as an easy to find placemark in saved places.

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One Response to My Maps + my friends

  1. moltn says:

    I’d really love it if Google My Maps allowed you to share maps so more than one person could edit – my brother is travelling at the moment and he created one and asked for suggestions on where to go. It would have been great if we could add them directly into the map for him, rather than him having to do it.

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