Looks right to me…

“A survey of cellphone users in Australia, conducted by Panorama and released by Nielsen Media Research, has proved what pretty much everyone already knew: people are likely to base broad, stereotypical assumptions about you on your cellphone, just like they do with everything else you use and wear. We’re guessing this breaks down a bit differently in Aussieland, but here’s how mobile users tend to associate down under:

Nokia: Family-minded, middle aged managers, balance seekers, health conscious
Motorola: Fashion conscious, under 24, fun seekers, individualistic
Sony Ericsson: Ambitious young men, professionals, success driven, individualistic
LG: Favorite of mums, stay-at-home parents, success driven, harmony seekers
Samsung: Young women, career focused, success driven, fun seekers”

I use a Sony Ericsson! Though I am looking to get the new swiss-army-knife-like Nokia N95, maybe I’m getting older…

(via Engadget)

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