Om talk about Nokia and their Multimedia Computers

Om Malik talks a bit about Nokia’s issues and says:
“Talking about high-end phones, the second problem Nokia has on its hands – the slowing sales of their highend N-Series phones. (Why they continue to refer to these devices as “multimedia computers,” I don’t understand. Computer are work, mobile are fun!)”

I don’t understand either Om, and having heard Nokia speak at the Mobile HCI conference last year, I don’t really think they know why either. Though I don’t know whether everyone equates mobiles with fun…

Bonus Link: Review of the N95 by AAS. I got to play with one of these back in October last year. Not a bad feature set and finally a 3.5mm audio jack! I have a slight bias for Sony Ericsson (it seems a number of mobile UI people have swung from Nokia to SE now), so I might see if they announce something similar. Or get the N95, when it is released as an interim device, before the iPhone is released/hacked for Australia.

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