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One of the biggest issues in the mobile space is trying to test your application/service/content on all the different handsets on all the different networks, because there is so little standardisation. Katie at GigaOm this morning blogged about a service called deviceanywhere which says it overcomes this by using a unique system of virtualisation:

“DeviceAnywhere is built on Mobile Complete’s unique Direct-To-Device™ technology foundation. Direct-To-Device enables “virtualization” of mobile handsets through an electrical integration approach in which electrical connections are made to live handsets and a virtual view of these handsets is exported over the Internet. Software acts as a virtual user, remotely controlling and operating the devices, pressings keys using electrical signals, listening to ringers and speakers using audio capture and streaming, and viewing displays using video capture and streaming.

This electrical integration approach is unique in that it is device, OS, platform, and application agnostic, making it capable of supporting all handsets from all manufacturers, running any operating system and platform.”
It will help my work significantly and I even had a client call about recommendations on this a couple of days ago (though only some US carriers are included in the service at the moment, it says they plan to expand significantly).

There is a demo that looks pretty good and I’ve emailed in to get a trial account to check it out.

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