Stirr it Up

Well last night was the first Sydney STIRR “a casual event for internet start-ups”. It was a sell-out event and a great night. There was activities including demos and pitching, pin your spot on the investment pool and “write a business plan in 5 minutes”, which made it a bit more fun and got everyone talking, but still left plenty of time for talking and drinking.

[Placeholder to link to everyone else’s much more detailed commentary (like Mick’s and Alan’s) and the obligatory Flickr photos :-)]

Thanks to Marty & Mick from Tangler for their initiative and organising.

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2 Responses to Stirr it Up

  1. […] Joel Pobar was lucky enough to go to STIRR in Sydney (Web 2.0ish event). These kinds of social gatherings are a great idea I think for people that have ideas, and people who have cash to get together and start something. Some others have posted a event wrap-up. […]

  2. […] Howarth reports on Stirr Brad has written a little article on the first Stirr event we attended back in December. Go have a […]

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