M-Payments Lunchtime Fourm

AIMIA held a Mobile Payments Forum today. It had a great turn out and an interesting panel of speakers, with Jennifer Wilson as the moderator.

Neil Anderson, Ovum
Peter Goldfinch, GFG
Cameron Stewart, 3
Matthew Talbot, Sybase 365
Adam Dunne, Aura Digital

Key points:
1. SVC m-payments still not here yet in Australia and are a long way off because of slower handset refresh rate and that there is no agreement or standards yet here. Any there doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen in a hurry.
2. All the models that work internationally involve the telco owning/major stake in a bank (e.g. DoCoMo & SMART)
3. Adam Dunne highlighted the innovation they have done in the field (and the successful projects they’ve done) but acknowledged that there is only so far they can take it with the bigger industry support of Banks and Telcos etc.
4. The infrastructure isn’t there yet and expensive for a small market like Australia and we are likely to get proximity cards before handsets
5. There doesn’t seem to be a collaborative body for m-commerce across the telcos, banks and retailers to drive this issue forward. AIMIA MCIDG has a watching brief
6. Adam noted that the mainstream audience are only just becoming aware of m-payments in the last 6 months through things like m-ticketing

Bets were about SVC here in 2-3 years. I reckon we’re 5-10 away.

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