Wrap-up on World Usability Day

So, yesterday was World Usability Day.
The mobile race I organised was a bit of fun though we didn’t have many passers-by to try and capture. The best time was 44 seconds to send an MMS including a photo and the words ‘World Usability Day 2006’ on an unfamiliar phone.

I also did my talk on ‘Mobile’ available in PDF (828kb), though without me talking next to it some of it might make little sense. During the talk I lamented the lack of a real communications device, like the Sidekick 3, in the Australian market. I have been notified however that Telstra have just released the Danger Hiptop 2 (like the Sidekick 2). I’m not quite sure why we are a generation behind here in Australia, but better than nothing I suppose. I’ll probably go and pick one up to play with soon. Though the size of the device and the poor camera are significant downsides.

297645566_969af8c2dc_o 297664383_0dbf032f61_o Oliver calls the WUD Mobile Phone Race
More photos from World Usability Day Sydney are here

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