Gmail on Mobile

Google has released a GMail client for mobile phones.

From GigaOM:
The new application is a big improvement, enough to justify a switch to GMail as your one email account. The Gmail application retains the simplicity of the original web application, and comes with features such as search, conversation view, and automatic synchronization with the desktop version. If the application feels faster, it is. It pre-fetches messages automatically and as a user you feel no lag at all when accessing emails. The interface is clean, sleek and utilitarian.

I’ve downloaded and installed it on two mobile phones; my primary phone (Sony Ericsson W810) which it didn’t recognise the model, but still downloaded and installed fine and a Nokia 6680. Both work brilliantly. While not push email, it’s a nice handy responsive app that makes accessing email easy. There are nice touches like a method to quickly access people in the address book and email search.

This is the kind of application that will bring mobile email to the masses.

Bonus Google-related Link: Spanning Sync is about to release a synchonisation app that will bi-directinally sync your Apple iCal Calendar with Google Calendar. sweet!

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