World Usability Day 2006 Update

So things are progressing with the organisation of World Usability Day 2006. The local Sydney WUD event is going to be held at the NSW State Library on the 14th November.

I’m speaking on the day. Here’s the spiel:
1pm – 1:30pm ”Mobile Phones, People Who Use them and Usability”
Oliver Weidlich, Mobile Usability Specialist, Ideal Interfaces
Mobile phones are getting more and more sophisticated, but is that a good or a bad thing? Oliver will look at what people are using their mobile phones for in Australia, the issues they are having, and how the industry can help. He will also look at the latest developments in mobile user interfaces and customer experience and the opportunities for mobile devices in the future.
I’m also helping out by organising a Mobile Phone Race for the general public (with Ash & Michelle):
Mobile Phone Challenge (Outside NSW State Library – Macquarie Street, Sydney)
Start time: 10:30am
Finish time: 2:30pm

This is a public event held near the entrance to the State Library to attract interest in usability and the further WUD events inside the State Library. The mobile phone race will require 2 or 3 participants to access the phone’s camera, take a picture of a specific item (the camera bearer), and add a pre-determined text message to it. A number of text messages will be rotated between participants (same length, different words) so the phone doesn’t remember the words with predictive text input. The participants then have to find a number in the phone book and hit send to successfully to complete the task.

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