Ericsson Frontier Winners

Today was the judging of ‘Frontier’, the Ericsson content and applications competition for Australia & New Zealand.
Those of us on the judging panel had a demo and a Q&A session from each of the six finalists (three for Aust and three for NZ). This is the fourth Ericsson Frontier competition I have been a judge for, and it was the best format they’ve had. I think it’s essential to be able to ask the finalists further questions about their applications, approaches, technologies and business models.

The results were:
Winner: bCode Reader (bCode) – mobile ticketing/tokens
Finalist: Tribz (HWW) – MoSoSo, great little application with a lot of potential
Finalist: The gofreeSMS Community Network (MobiMarketing) – Free SMS portal with an advertising model and some nice flash dev

New Zealand
Winner: Eyemagnet Blackeye (Eyemagnet) – Instore video display CMS and scheduling
Finalist: Mobile Terranet (M-Com) – Property price/info lookup from mobile
Finalist: Radiotones – Conduit between radio station and mp3 library to sell the current song playing on radio

Congrats to all the finalists and especially the winners.

Two photos: The view from JBWere where the Awards were hosted and the final presentation
Sydney Harbour Bridge From JBWere Frontier 2006

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