The Sidekick in person

Funnily enough I ran into an old colleague of mine, Jeff, here at UbiComp. He’s now living back in the States and has got himself a Sidekick III. I had a very quick go of it the other day and it seems to be the best device around (which isn’t really saying much…).

What I like about it:
– Push email
– Has Yahoo!, AOL & MSN IM clients on at all times and notifies of new messages
– Consolidated communications (IM, email, SMS, MMS, voice, voicemail)
– It’s on a fixed data plan
– Good little full keyboard

What it needs:
– 3G connection – GPRS is suitable for most stuff but slow for things like browsing
– WiFi connection – well that’d be great for cheaper high speed data for things like VoIP, web browsing, large attachments, internet radio, RSS feed enclosures
– Google Talk client like Mylo and Nokia 770
– Skype client like Mylo
– At least 2MP camera, it’s only 1.3MP
– Slightly smaller form factor like Mylo
– Opera browser like Mylo
– Sync with the Mac (iCal, Address Book, iTunes music, photos, video)
– An RSS feed reader
– The build quality plastics seem a little poor and the trackball seems quite delicate.

In a perfect world the Sidekick and Mylo would mate and Apple would deliver the baby.

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