First thoughts from UbiComp 2006 [ubicomp2006]

Couple of quick points from UbiComp 2006. At half time on Day 1:
1) Great, entertaining, thought-provoking keynote by Bruce Sterling. He talked about the beauty of the UbiComp language and created a Meme Map for his ‘Spime’ (space & time objects) lifecycle.
2) The audience here at UbiComp are completely different to the MobileHCI audience. Here there are people queuing up to ask questions here, and there are some good questions. Lots of smart people here, so it’s going to be a great learning experience.
3) These people are organised, there’s even a feedback session where they are looking for people to recommend how to improve the conference.
4) Bagels and big mugs of tea for breakie- brilliant!
5) Free WiFi throughout the conference level – though it’s suffering under the load of the audience [later… in fact it seems to be getting a lot worse with 70% packet loss making it virtually useless] (FYI: It’s $10/day in the room here at the Newport Beach Marriott) Re: Marriott – Just enough space in the room for yoga, and staying here means I’ll be able to go for a swim at lunch time 🙂 Also an awesomely comfortable king size bed.
6) Still no powerboards, where is our wireless power! 😉
7) Book of Proceedings – when will we move to CD?!
8) I don’t feel like socialising yet, maybe I’ll warm up, or maybe I’m just tired. Three time zones in two days, though I’m sleeping OK.
9) Hmmmm, social software at this one isn’t great either
10) One Minute Madness – All 39 posters and 16 demos have 1 minute each to give us the down low on their work

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