Conference Dinner [mobile hci 2006]

The conference dinner was great fun last night. We boarded a boat near the Dipoli conference centre and cruised around to Helsinki for 1.5 hours, taking in a lot of the harbour. Dinner was at a restaurant called The Casino and there was a band playing on the shore as we arrived by boat. Dinner was lovely with the obligatory Finnish fish and some nice beef. There was white wine, red wine, muscat and an interesting liquor of Arctic Bramble Berry called mesimarja. Interestingly it made my teeth tingle. There was entertainment that was very interesting (a comedy band/show).

House on an island The Aussie New Zealand Contingent Sailing boat and dramatic skyline The band played on our arrival
After the dinner we went into town to Zetor Bar, also known as the Tractor Bar. It was an interesting place (there were tractors inside), thought I can’t say I would strongly recommend it as it was a bit quiet and an older crowd. We moved on to another bar (on the other side of the park – don’t know the name), which was good fun with a lot more (younger) people and even a room that was supposed to play only Finnish music, though some how Michael Jackson was played as well. After that closed we wandered the streets looking for another bar, but to no avail. One thing we Australians have in common with the Finnish is the late night kebab (though it’s all on a plate, rather than wrapped in pita bread), so we finished the night in style….


Fell into bed at 4:50am

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