Best Mobile HCI presentations from Day 1 [mobile hci 2006]

The three stand out presentations from the first day of Mobile HCI were:
1. Hannu’s presentation on Mobile Game Usability Heuristics – Great talk that went some way in addressing the different nature of mobile games and how to evaluate them effectively.
2. Michael’s talk on enabling communications for mobile workers within healthcare environments – Interesting use of bluetooth headsets for nurses to communicate and use agent technology, though the nurses seemed to find the biggest benefit was simply being able to answer calls on the move. Good data reporting, very complete rounded presentation.
3. Scott’s talk on a usability benchmarking case study – This was a comparative study on downloading mobile content on a variety of mobile phones and US networks. Very good idea and something I will be looking into.

While I enjoyed Matt Jones’ keynote, I think it lacked cohesiveness and didn’t really inspire me the way I hoped a keynote on the future of mobile would.

Matt Jones Keynote MobileHCI tag cloud

Strangely, none of these talks were not nominated for best paper. It’s now half way through the second day, but I haven’t been as impressed today. This might be partly due to the cocktail party last night that progressed into town to the Torni (Tower) bar in town with a great view of the city.

MobileHCI06 cocktail party MobileHCI06 cocktail party

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