Mobile HCI 2006 Kick-off [mobile hci 2006]

The first social event was last night with a building a mobile device out of lego, building a bbq and a mobile phone throwing competition. I think I threw about 38 metres. My team was at a disadvantage as we only go to throw after the bbq’d sausages and beer 🙂

IMG_6407 Lighting the BBQ Waiting for the fire to warm up
The BBQ Oliver mobile phone throwing 36m
The conference kicked off this morning with Dr Matt Jones doing the keynote (instead of the local politician – phew!).
Matt’s topic was about the future of mobile and while he noted that the future of mobile is diverse and that’s what makes it exciting, he talked about a couple of key areas of interest. It wasn’t quite as inspirational as I had hoped, but an interesting and broad discussion about mobile and web and in the later part of the keynote he narrowed in on music and gaming and various research projects he was involved in. One of the more interesting projects he is working on is a method of providing navigation feedback via stereo headphones.

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