Working away from home made easy.

I might be on holiday, but it’s a working holiday. I got all my projects out of the way before I left, but there’s bits & pieces I still have to do.
Two little things have proved very useful so far:

1. Skype
Skype is one of my main IM clients and I like it because it’s platform independent, now has a much better UI and is getting closer to feature parity (The Mac client is in Beta for video, but no SMS). However, beside the IM side of things, Skype Out means I can call back to Sydney (or around the world) for very cheap and Skype In means you can call me for the price of a phone call to Sydney instead of Helsinki, NY or L.A. (call me on 02 8003 3809, if I’m offline leave a VM).

2. GMail’s SMTP server and settings
Using Google Mail’s server settings I can configure my email to send out through the hotel network. This is a problem for people who use a internet connection that isn’t their ISPs. You use your GMail SMTP settings in your email client and then change your default outgoing email address for your GMail account, so that it looks like it’s coming from your specific account (e.g. work email address).

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