Tripping over Mobile Monday in Helsinki

So, today I was wandering through downtown Helsinki on my first day of exploration, and I came across a Korean Technology Expo in an out of the way building. I decided to wander in and check it out. On the way through the door I happened to see a Mobile Monday sign and it turned out they were having a Mobile Monday Morning session with presentations on Mobile by the Koreans. I only got there in time to see the end of the last presentation (on Mobile TV), but I introduced myself to Micah who’s on the Mobile Monday Helsinki team and we had a brief chat.


What a bizarre thing to happen!

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One Response to Tripping over Mobile Monday in Helsinki

  1. […] Also posted on my work blog: The AIMIA Mobile Content Industry Development Group just released their latest newsletter. Included as a feature is an article I wrote titled ‘The Mobile Geeks Get Together’ (MS Word, 48kb). It gives a high level overview of my recent trip to Helsinki, New York & California and the Mobile HCI and UbiComp conferences. It’s not quite as polished as it should be, but hopefully gets the main points across. […]

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