Nokia Flagship Store

On the first day in a new city I always get a map, but don’t really use it properly and end up walking around trying to get my bearings. On my list of things to do at some point during my time here was to check out the new Nokia flagship store. I ‘ran into’ it within about 30 mins of being in Helsinki. Unfortunately, it’s not all that flash. They have a heap of phones set-up but there’s nothing that exciting. There are the Vertu phone down the back, back it doesn’t compare to the Apple Store experience, maybe that’s just me…

I did spend a bit of time with the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet device. The device was smaller than I expected, but I’m not overly impressed with the UI. It takes up too much space and is really spread out. The whole interaction is quite confusing (not that I read a manual, but I would hope I wouldn’t need to).

Screenshot 01

BTW The Nokia campus is on the way home from the city to my hotel. I’ll be going there on Friday, so more about it then.

Conference workshops and tutorials are on today and tomorrow with the social events kicking off tomorrow night with some mobile phone throwing competitions. Thankfully there is no sign of jet-lag, so I’m off into the city to get some dinner.

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