The Future of M-Payments

There is no lack of mobile industry events going on at the moment, from Sydney’s launch of Mobile Monday next week, to the Mobile Consumer Education Campaign tomorrow and ACIF’s Future Mobile Forum. Now here’s another AIMIA MCIDG event: The Future of M-Payments

MCIDG: The Future of M-Payments
Tuesday, 10th October, 2006 Telstra Auditorium

Evolution or Revolution for the Australian mobile content and service providers?

Are m-payments the next killer application for the mobile industry? What is the future of m-payments in Australia? How can content providers and publishers be m-payments ready? How can mobile content providers and publishers use this platform to drive revenues?

This October 10th, AIMIA gives you the chance to hear the latest perspectives from thought leaders in the m-payments industry.

This two hour lunch time forum reviews the technology, solutions, & international experiences, with cases studies and insight into how m-payments is set to change our lives as consumers of products and services. Featuring speakers from VISA, GFG Group, and News Digital Media discuss how the Australian mobile content industry harness this powerful enabling technology to drive your business growth.

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