AIMIA Launches MoMo Sydney

From the AIMIA website:
AIMIA CEO John Butterworth said the monthly networking forums would bring together industry influencers and enthusiast to set trends, debate developments and foster local and global relationships.

“Australia has one of the highest per-capita ownership of mobile phones in the world so it is only fitting that we now join this important global network.

“We are working towards positioning Australia as a significant contributor in the mobile industry.

“These informal monthly sessions will help forge stronger links between the Australia industry and the global Mobile Monday community.”

CEO of Mobile Mondays globally, Jari Tammisto, said the the network gives local mobile innovations a global reach

“Through the forums local innovators can connect with their global peers and give more visibility to Australian mobile content, technology and service development,” he said.

Mr Butterworth said the forums were an opportunity to discuss and develop initiatives in a relaxed and creative atmosphere

“Many people want to understand what’s happening, have something to offer and want to get involved but get discouraged because they don’t know where to start,” he said.

Sydney Mobile Monday organiser Tim Parsons said the monthly sessions would help boost the Australian industry.

“Our experience of the growth of the internet led us to expect we’d see an explosion in content and services, but this hasn’t happened – not for lack of ideas or content or talented people, but rather because of a whole range of barriers to commercialising mobile innovation in a small market like Australia.”

There’s even a nice banner on the website:

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