Quoted in B&T (23rd June 2006)

I was quoted in a recent B&T article on Mobile Marketing, titled “Advertisers Make a Big Call on Mobile”, by Brad Howarth.
…But advertisers beware: Ideal Interfaces’ usability specialist,
Oliver Weidlich, says advertising needs to be both subtle and
highly beneficial to be accepted by consumers.

“We are going to have a lot of brands trying to have direct contact
with the customer,” Weidlich says. “Then it will become
significantly hard to manage.”

Weidlich describes the mobile phone as a highly personal device,
but also an interruptive one. People who are attuned to getting
messages to their friends and family may not react so favourably to
high volumes of commercial messages, even if they have opted to
receive them.

“Because the communication aspect is so strong, people attend to
it. Their reaction is positive when they get an SMS, and then it
almost lets them down, because they are expecting a one-to-one
communication from a family member, and then it is this thing that
is sent out to everybody. And they almost feel taken advantage of,
that people would use this personal communication channel for this
type of information,” Weidlich says.

B&T requires a subscription. If you have one, just search for ‘Weidlich’ or the article title to access it from the B&T website. If you don’t, you can download the text of the article from Brad’s blog.

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