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So my current ‘idea’ is to have a social network aggregation service. Most people into this have a number of profiles with the different services (LinkedIn, Friendster, Orkut etc) and some even seem to have multiple identities with the same service. What we need is something to manage all these social network services at the meta level, especially because there will be more and more niche social networks that people will want to join (e.g. Sneakerplay).

Also what would be cool is to see the social network relationships in a visualisation (3D?), maybe similar to Live Plasma. You would be able to show/hide your various social network services to see the overlaps of relationships etc.

I talked about it with a couple of people at Dinner 2.0 and there seemed to be support that it was an interesting idea. I’ll add to this post as I go…

Information Colony wants one too
and it looks like Marc Canter has started something with his People Aggregator service, though it looks like for new rather than existing SNs.
Mashable talks about PA here:
“And finally, PeopleAggregator will leverage APIs to connect all the existing social software sites together. Think of it as the Meebo of social networks. What’s more, the project aims to tie together every identity system out there – Sxip, OpenID, i-names, YADIS and more. That’s one heck of a challenge. Marc explains the full scope of People Aggregator in this podcast and the introductory video.”

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4 Responses to Social Network Aggregator

  1. Jon Aizen says:

    Dapper has also recently launched something, albeit simple, that does what you mention here:

    It allows you to search across LinkedIn, MySpace, Friendster, Hi5, and Facebook. It also aggregates all your friends, your inbox messages, and your friend updates.

  2. oliverw says:

    Thanks John, I’ll check it out
    (and sorry about the delayed response)

  3. coldixon says:

    Another site is Launched in late 2006, ProfileLinker offers its users the ability to aggregate data, friends and media from a myriad of sources (i.e., MySpace, Flickr, etc.).


  4. henriduong says: allows you to do all those things that you have wished and then some…


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